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Home Rentals Supercharged

On the topic of housing and rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why rental prices have been sky-rocketing as of late. There seems to be 3 main driving forces.

  1. Foreclosures & distressed properties.
  2. Gas Prices
  3. Bay Area job market

When homeowners lose their homes to foreclosure, they still need to live somewhere. That void is filled by rentals! Of course, the recent surge in gas prices to $4+/gallon isn't helping things much either. Commuters driving from the central valley to the bay area are throwing in the towels to that long commute and the additional expense, which only seems to be going higher. We've also seen a recent influx of workers moving into the Bay Area from outside the state. I guess we really are seeing job growth locally.

Since interest rates on home loans AND home prices have hit recent record lows, if you can at all afford it, it really is a good time to buy. This isn't marketing BS, it's the simple truth. Ask me how and if you can qualify. FHA loans still currently allow you to buy a home with as little as 3% down!